From left to right: my mom, twin sister, me,
and then my older sister
Ordinary life is pretty complex stuff.
― Harvey Pekar
Who am I? A twenty-year-old person named Stacy N. who could be considered a lot of things, such as a sibling, a daughter, an "adult", a nerd, a blogger, a fangirl, a writer, and an Asian American. However, I am still what I would consider me. A human being who considers herself an intersectional feminist, believing in the equality of everyone. A human being who writes okay pieces of prose that may or may not be seen by human eyes. A human being who loves reading the works of others. And a human being who’s simply trying to establish a place on this hot, blue and green planet.
There are, of course, more things that make up me, like how I’m a nerdfighter who can’t really do the nerdfighter sign really well. And there’s the fact that I'm trying desperately hard to connect to my Vietnamese roots. Green would be considered my favorite color with turquoise coming in second. I think I’m starting to become a bit like my characters. Praying on my own makes me uncomfortable. And I’m a Libra according to the Greek zodiac and a rat according to the Vietnamese one. As well as a shy, awkward, introvert who isn't particularly good with endings. 

My blog is a collection of answers people don’t want to hear to questions they didn’t ask. 
― Sebastyne Young
What is my blog about? My blog is about a variety of things. In fact, the content can range from banned books to The Hunger Games, with a lot of other posts in between. There are songs and personal thoughts, with a nanowrimo post found in there somewhere. But mainly it’s a blog that could have anything but not everything.

P.S. I do have a writing blog...


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