Blog Policy

The idea came from Nevillegirl (whose blog you should check out, because it's simply amazing). 

Blog awards: Yes, I am still one of the few bloggers who accepts blog awards. However, please check here to make sure that I don't already have the award. It’s nice to receive many of the same blog awards; however that gets boring after a while. And, I’ll most likely stop accepting that award, if I receive too many.

Posts, writings, photography, edited pictures, generally any work that belongs to me: Do not repost them to your website and say that it’s your own work. Because that is plagiarism, and you can get into serious trouble for that. However, if you ask, I may be more willing to let you repost it to your website. However, you must credit me. Simply because, it’s nice to receive some credit especially after all that effort I put into it.

Comments: Think to yourself, is this going to hurt another person?  Is this going to make another person angry? Am I a spambot simply posting spam? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then do not comment. Because it will definitely not show up on my blog. However, if you answered no, and you believe that you do have a thoughtful response, then I will most likely post it.

Emails: Anything is acceptable, as long as it's safe for work, not spam, and not a threat. I will try to get back to you as soon as I can. However, due to massive amounts of schoolwork it may take a while. So please be patient. However, if I do not reply back at all or if it’s been a while since I’ve last replied to your email, please send another one. Because I may not have received it the first time or forgot about it all together. 

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  1. Hello! I've followed your blog awhile (like really long time) ago and I just wondered if you would mind checking out mine when you're free:, thanks!