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“Where am I?" Was the first thing I thought of, when I landed on an unknown planet that is not Earth.
Welcome to Beth’s life, where she finds out a lot of shocking revelations about her world. Like how she’s the long lost daughter of the count. And how she’s suppose to go on a quest to defeat the Old Evil. But while all this is going on, she finds out a lot about herself, asking herself does she really want to go back to Earth?”

Is it possible to be unconscious and yet conscious at the same time? And not be anywhere close to the land of dream and reality. I feel like a tiny dot in a swarm of gray, with all my landlines sunken by the waves that threaten to drown me. It feels like I’ll be in this half way point forever, never really getting out. With no one there to keep me company, and loneliness my constant companion. 
“Beth… wake… for me?” I can hear a voice calling out to me. I don’t bother going towards it, because it sounds wrong somehow, not really natural. I hear another voice, this time in anger, and the word monster. I start to panic wondering if there was a monster in this half way point with me. Would I really be able to survive it?

Status: Finished writing. Now it's time for a rewrite. 
Rewrite progress: On pause
Cover made by her (can't remember username) from the Nanowrimo forums

On a sunny day...
Everything was normal. The adults were at work, the children in school. Everyone was doing his or her job. The sky was clear and blue, not a cloud was in the sky. Till at exactly one in the afternoon, the sky turned dark. Everything was as black as night. Streets, cars, houses... 
It was the day of invasion.

[unedited version]
Earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes... all three. People in the basement or shelter houses scared as they wonder if they'll survive this time...but of course that was long before I was born. Long, before the wars between Mirians and Nature started. And that's was when I was born, in the middle of it all a nuisance but not a prize. That was later on, near the end of the war when Mia was born. She was born the star, born the perfectionist, and the favorite, plus the one to end the war. But of course, Nature knew that and so they devised plans to take Mia away. Of course my Uncle Dalton, or Uncle Zy as I like to call him knew that as well, so he made plans of escape. He rounded every Mirian that was willing to come with him, and of course it was a lot since who wouldn't be sick and tired of a very long war that they were losing at anyways. But not every one of them wanted to come, including my little school girl crush's parents, because they believed that they will win. Even though they knew that they won't win anyways considering that Nature grew stronger with each Mirian soldier dead, and the air becoming more polluted that it was becoming hard to breathe. 

I was  sad at the time but of course I was only five when we left so what did I know. The last view I had of Miris was all gray wildlife crushing every man-made item there was. Dead eyes, as well as alive ones from the soldiers still staying to fight somehow looked straight at me when the ship was about to go. I shivered having no clue what that meant, till I was older. I whispered a bye; my heart feeling like it will never be the same again, as the leaving Mirians will have to find a new planet to make a home on, almost like Nature invading ours. 

Status: It hasn't been written in since November 2011. 
Cover made by Fena from the Nanowrimo forums

I've written many pieces of poetry and stories during my writing life. And I still do. So where do all of them end up? They end up on the internet somewhere (you’ve probably seen a couple) or on my computer or they’re still stuck inside of my head just waiting to get out. Only how are people going to enjoy them? So after much thinking I decided to put it all in a book where people can enjoy them. 

Summary: N/A

Status: Finished and printed in five free proof copies from createspace.  It's not available for the public (sorry). 
Cover made by LaraSachs from the Nanowrimo forums

It is the year 2200 and by now words are dictated by your hands. Mouths are shown shut if seen speaking a single word. And the ones who don't dare say a word gets richer and richer, while the ones who spoke just got poorer and poorer.
It is based off the quote: Silence is Golden.

Excerpt: N/A

Status: On pause
Cover made by featherdancer from the YWP Nanowrimo forums

Short version: A girl falls in love with an alien while running away from her own problem. 
Long version: There’s a second dimension exactly parallel to ours. Everything is the same from garbage pickup days on Mondays to the hair found on the next door neighbor’s dog. However, there is a slight difference between this dimension and that dimension, and that is the second dimension doesn’t have any shadows.
There are only a few doorways hidden among our world leading to this second, too bright dimension, and only a few people know about it. Peter happens to be one of them. A guy not from this planet with a past involving piracy. He happened to chance upon a girl named Eliza, a daughter of a dead CEO. And after an unexpected turn of events, they end up running away together, travelling through the second dimension, all the while trying to avoid getting captured by Eliza’s mom, who wants her daughter home for other reasons that simply does not include being worried about her daughter’s wellbeing. 

Along the way, Eliza and Peter end up falling in love, dealing with lies, shadows, unexpected children, journals full of stories of another life, and having to let go with people who didn’t care in the first place. 

Excerpt: Hidden 

Status: Hasn't been looked at since its end on November 2013
Cover made by me. 


  1. Your first book sounds really interesting! I really hope one day you will get it published so I can read it :)


  2. you know, you can self publish on the Barns and Noble website at that's what i did with my frist two books. may i warn you, though, it's a very long process. but it's totally worth it! :)