Drats and I was so close

I’m so excited, because I finally got the big idiot to ask me out. Even though I don’t like him… never mind, I technically, kind of like him a teensy weensy bit. Well… never mind about that, I actually like him a lot. And it started a while ago, when we were hanging out at the tree house mall. When I realized, that he was so nice, and funny, and cute, while he was trying to cheer me up, from some accidental, incidental purposes, technically it’s from some other guy problems. But that’s not the point. The point is that I finally got him to ask me out.
       I was so excited, that when the day of the date came, I did everything topsy-turvy. At breakfast time, I was eating my oatmeal, with a pencil, and quickly writing my signature on every paper with my spoon. Then later, that day I accidently gave my English teacher, my math homework. And nearly turned in my English homework to my math teacher. But when school did finally let out, I nearly ran all the way home. Instead of doing my homework like I’m supposed to, I spent most of the day, getting ready for my date. Trying to look as natural as possible.
       When it was time, I nearly ran the whole way to the mall, just to be with him. Once I finally got there, I expected it to just be him, and only him. But little did I know it was actually a group date. When I found him, there were his friends, and my friends hanging out, at the food court, doing what they always did. I started blushing a bit, thinking I just dressed up for this. Oh well, maybe next time. I sigh, and go up to them. Wondering what we’re going to do today.

       “Drats and I was so close,” thought the guy… 


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