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Kissing her felt like dying stars and the knowledge that you were going to live forever. Summer storms during a drought. A fragile hope that you wish wouldn’t break. It was great, and it was terrible.

And now the weather:
~ Stacy N.
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Who is she?

Beautiful People is a writing blog meme hosted by Sky @ Further Up and Further and Cait @ Paper Fury. Every month they ask ten questions that are designed to help us get to know our characters a lot better. Sometimes it's themed, sometimes it's not like it is this month. So, without further ado let's get started.

Beautiful person of the day: Beth Angelina Dovens
Background story: She's a character I've created back in Jr. high school, and who's changed a lot throughout the years. A few of the things that remained the same though is that she's originally from the planet, Bionova, she's half fairy and half shape-shifter, and she has unusual powers. In the latest draft of the book, she has two moms, one who researches Earth and the other is a Bionovian politician. So for half the year, Beth and her moms live on Earth so her researcher-mom could do her work, and the other half of the year they live on Bionova so her politician-mom could do her job, which for the moment, is running for governor for this well-known city.

What’s their favorite place they’ve ever visited?
Earth: New York City
Bionova: the famous botanical gardens.

What’s one mistake they made that they learned from?
Not taking the time to understand things from her politician-mother's point of view. That lack of understanding creates some drama between them, but it's needed for my book to happen.

What was their favorite subject in school? Or favorite thing to learn about?
Beth is obsessed with anything flowers. Flowers help her cope with change, though it is hard to smuggle them onto Earth.

What’s their favorite flower/growing thing?
That's like asking a writer what their favorite book is, there's too many.

Have they ever made someone cry? What happened?
Beth ends up running away, which of course makes her politician-mother cry from all the worry and stress.

Would you consider them a reliable or unreliable narrator?
So far, she's been a pretty reliable narrator.

What do they dream about at night?
Ever since her researcher-mom died, Beth has been dreaming about happy (or in her own words, "taunting") childhood memories.

They’ve gone out for a “special meal.” What would they eat?
Rose soup at this local diner that's near her house on Bionova.

Do they have any distinguishing or unique talents?
On Bionova, there are different species. Each species has a specific power that pertains to them, for example, mermaids have water powers, phoenixes have fire powers, fairies teleport, shape-shifters shift into different humanoids, weres change into different animals, etc. So it's weird if you have no power, it's also weird if your power doesn't fit the power that most of your species has, and it could land you in a lot of trouble. For Beth, in particular, her power consists of changing objects into different objects, for example, she could turn a rock into a hairbrush. Which is pretty dangerous for her, if anyone else outside of her family knew.

What’s at least one thing they want to do before they die?
Become a famous botanist on both Earth and Bionova and to tell her best friend, "hey, I think I like more than as a friend." Let's see which one comes first.

And now the weather:
Once Upon A December (Piano Version)
~ Stacy N.
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Coming Out

Photo by Larm Rmah
There are a million different ways to come out, bake a cake, throw a party, just say that you're queer in a casual conversation, have a serious talk with people you love, etc. And the result could either be good or bad. The good being that you get love and support and are generally happier because you're not hurt in some way. The bad being that you're harmed in some way, kicked out of your own home, and/or forced to be who you're not. If you are in the latter position, the Trevor Project is a great resource that can help you. Meanwhile, find the light in small things and remember that you're a lot stronger than you think you are and that hopefully, it will get better.
Coming out is also a continual process. You don't come out once and suddenly the whole world knows, you have to keep on telling people throughout your lifetime. And it could either be easy or hard, it depends on who you're telling it to. Just remember your identity is not tied to you being queer, it's just one part of who you are.
Though, this makes me wonder, what about not coming out? And that's fine as well. Sometimes it's dangerous for you to come out because you know that you're not going to get the support you need and possibly get harmed in some way. Other times, it's just not needed because you feel like either everyone knows or it's just not part of your agenda.

And now the weather:
Heaven by Troye Sivan ft. Betty Who
~ Stacy N.
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A Seattle Overview

My siblings, good friend, and I found ourselves in Seattle this past week and a half. Mainly to relax and get away from Utah's heat and to get my older sister settled in with her Microsoft internship. So here's a quick overview of what happened while we were down there that could be easily explained with a cinematic vlog but isn't.

Day one: We land in Seattle; arrive at the hotel with some complications that were quickly taken care of; then we go have dinner
at a Brazillian restaurant with my family and my older sister's friends.

Day two: Today was the day that we explored Pike Place Market, which was busy because it was the weekend, and it was pretty warm and sunny out (that's rare for Seattle). There we witnessed the throwing fish event (a bit overhyped in my opinion); eat lunch at the Athenian Seafood Restaurant; and grab some delicious caramel coffee not at Starbucks (though we did see a pretty old Starbucks cafĂ©). Then we left Pike Place Market to go find a grassy patch nearby and nap for a bit (well technically my whole family but me napped because I was too hyped up on coffee). After half an hour or so, we walked down to the Waterfront Park to ride the Ferris wheel and take some more pictures by the pier. Then we grabbed some ice cream and delicious lemonade on our way to the gum wall (which was not what I expected, it should be called a gum alleyway). Then we went back to the hotel finding some artsy flowers and the Garden of Remembrance on the way there. A bit later in the day, my brother and I made a quick trip to Target, which was three stories high and it had its own escalator for carts.

Day three: We ate some brunch at 13 Coins. Afterward, we check out of the hotel and then go to an apartment complex near Pioneer Square and the International District. After settling into that place, we headed down to the Chihuly Garden and Glass and marvel at the beauty of it all before going into the Space Needle, and damn was it high. Apparently, it's going to be remodeled so that the observatory is entirely made out of glass, which seems pretty trippy in my opinion. Afterward, we end up at Capitol Hill and eat at this delicious restaurant called the Deluxe Bar and Grill.

Day four: This is the first and only day where I bother walking to a gym. It was a nice gym too, but it wasn't for me. After exercising, my family and I head to a Starbucks (when in Seattle grab as much coffee as possible because it is the coffee place in the United States) and a sandwich place which was conveniently right next door. Afterward, we head back to the apartment to rest and watch Parks and Recreation, which was the main show that we watched throughout our whole week there. A few hours later, we go to University Village to go shopping for both personal use and of course Father's Day stuff. One store that I was surprised to see was the Amazon bookstore. Yes, there is a physical building for Amazon Books, that isn't the warehouse. Apparently, there are seven other locations in the U.S. It's nice because it gives you the Goodreads rating and a customer's review of the book, plus, if you're an Amazon Prime member, you get an automatic discount. So, I was able to get a sweet deal on Hamilton: The Revolution by Lin-Manuel Miranda and Jeremy McCarter. There was also a yummy pizza place called Elemental Wood Fired Pizza that we ate at later.

Day six: My siblings and I take a bus to the Microsoft campus and meet up with another one of my older sister's friends. The Microsoft campus is like beeing at a university, except, you get paid, you need a badge to access some buildings (like the mixer aka the cafeteria), and there are more offices than big sweeping classrooms. There we shopped for more Father's Day gifts at the Microsoft store, hang out at the visitor center, before going to grab some cool plastic visitor badges at the Mixer. Also at the Mixer, we ate some lunch, grabbed some boba, and watch some people breakdancing. Then my older sister managed to get the day off from work, so we then went hiking for about three hours to see a lighthouse at Discovery Park (I wish the beaches there were better for swimming). My older sister, being her usual, eccentric self, ended up doing the hike in a dress and high heels, which worked out well for the most part, in her case. Afterward, we went to a yummy BBQ joint before going home.

Day seven: It was our lazy day, so we did nothing for the most part other than watch Parks and Recreation and The Office while listening to the classic Seattle rainfall, as well as nap a lot. Eventually, that got boring, so we went to a movie theater to watch Wonder Woman (it's a pretty good movie), and eat at Elliott's Oyster House.

Day eight: My twin and I went to explore the International District again. There, I ate some delicious green tea ice cream that melted a bit too quickly for my taste, ate some yummy poke bowls, and bought another book even though, according to my twin, "I have enough books already" (I'm a bookworm, I need books to survive). We also relaxed a bit at this courtyard and listened to a musician and watched an old Asian lady play bean bags. Afterward, we went back to the apartment and rested for a bit before my brother, twin, and I headed up to Lincoln Square in Bellvue to meet up with my older sister and our good friend. There, we ended up exploring for a bit, mainly hanging out at this furniture store, before getting some dim sum at Din Tai Fung. That was a delicious place through quite busy, so be patient because you might have to wait for an hour to get a seat.

Day nine: Our last full day in Seattle. We ended up going to the aquarium, losing my brother (who was watching the fishes in the dome get fed), see some puffin mating (or as my older sister joked puffin porn), see some cute otters get fed, and other typical aquarium stuff. After that, we ended up at the Pacific Science Center and did some sciencey stuff, as well as, go into the tropical butterfly house where three different butterflies landed on my brother, my twin, and me. It was a magical experience. Then, we got hungry and went to grab some dinner at this BBQ place that had delicious lamb.

Day ten: I tearfully hugged my older sister and my brother goodbye (not really, but it was kind of sad to separate from them), before my twin, good friend, and I head off to the airport. There we ate some okay seafood, drink some more Starbucks coffee, and of course fly back to good old Salt Lake City, Utah. And honestly, it's nice to be back, especially since I realized that I'm not a big fan of rain and cloudy days most of the time.

And now the weather:
Utah's sun and ninety-degree day and also, Calvin Harris's song Summer.
P.S. I found myself playing Pokemon Go every single day since I ended up in Seattle, which is interesting though kind of boring.
~ Stacy N.
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They were never meant to be

An interesting film about autumn.

~ Stacy N.
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