The moon changes phases. The earth changes season and weather. The tree changes leaves. The car changes directions, as well as humans. Human beings can change heart and/or form in physical, emotional, or mental ways; as well as all animals. The fragile lion cub or baby that you've always known has changed into a fierce mature adult. Ready to pounce and take control of the situation. Change is what keeps life exciting, or sad. Change brings the spice back to the dull. Change can break your heart, and it could also bring excitement and good will. Practically much change is what makes you, you. It makes it so you’re where you are. Without it, we’ll all just be babies forever, not doing anything except just suck our thumbs and look cute and innocent. As they say, “Out with the old, and in with the new.”

P.S, How did spring-cleaning came to be it is today?


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