Mesa’s Physics Day 2011

Yep it’s that year again, its Physic’s day at Lagoon. Where all the Mesa clubs from all over the state of Utah and some in Southern Idaho (that my counselor Mr. Turner reports) come together to hang out and have fun in one place. LAGOON!!! The one and only amusement park in Utah (in fact I think it is the only amusement park in Utah). It is all the hard work that the kids, adolescents, Mesa supervisors, and whoever else gets after a long year of egg drops, and windmills. Well enough talk about it, it’s about what I did there right? Right. Well first of all, it was a long ride there in my opinion and telling my friends that the kiddy rides are closed for real; because of well why would a bunch of teenagers go there? It is mostly open for the whole bunch of adolescents that are there anyways. The first thing was go on the oldest roller coaster there, that was a bit stomach wrenching, and maybe get a teensy bit angry with some friends for not waiting. Then after that, we went on another ride that I forgot, and another and another. It is an amusement park after all.
When my friends and I went on one of the haunted house rides, my two friends next to me started screaming just for fun, and my friends behind me screamed because they were frightened. While me, I just laughed because it was just so funny. In my opinion, the props weren’t scary enough. One of my friends say I hide my fear through laughter, which actually might be true. So ha-ha dear monsters, you don’t scare me or do you?
Later that day one of my friends and I managed to actually get out of the scariest ride in the whole park. It is also known as the WICKED, even though we were so close or to be more specific at the front of the lines to get on. Even though one of my friends, actually convinced us to get on, and won’t let us chicken out till the end. So that got me thinking about being faint-hearted. And am I one? I swear I wanted to actually go on it, and live up to my promise to her. But what happened? So I sit in the shade waiting for my friends to finish getting wet at the CLIFFHANGER, as I think this through. Oh yeah, when we were on the Ferris wheel and near the top, there was a ton more students and other people coming in. Making me, wonder just exactly how many people are in these Mesa clubs? A lot apparently.
The only stuffed animal that I have actually won today, which was really easy to win, if you played the game. 

One of the tracks for the ride WICKED. And by the way it doesn't go really slow when it goes up. 

Another track part of the WICKED. 

For more info on the WICKED go here ---> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wicked_(Lagoon)


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