Random Poems

Hello, loyal viewers, and first time viewers, and the viewers in between. Today was yearbook day at my school. And of course there were still the regular classes that we had to go to. So what are you supposed to do, if all you have is a cupcake pen, a notebook, and a yearbook. Plus a classroom, that does nothing, except talk, and well sign yearbooks? Well it's simple, the only three options are
  1. Be bored
  2. Talk with your friend
  3. Write
Well you know what the answer is, of course. Option three, write. So that's what I did, write random poems. Some of them good, and some of them okay, and some of them that's just kind of poetic. And I just wanted to post them to you guys, since well I was so bored during class. And also, does anyone have cupcakes?

Yearbook day
Fun, laughter
Positive words fill the air.
As students, and teachers write
Goodbyes and H.A.G.S to each other
Yearbook day,
So full of
Happiness and sadness
As bittersweet words, fill the air
Oh so boring
Reading is not an option
I still have to sign more yearbooks
Newsflash, its Yearbook day
Got to write some more goodbyes to random people
Laptop in hand
On blogger.com
Got to write something random
Oh how I feel so bad for my teachers.
Having to write something
Positive for each individual student.
Resulting in bad hand cramps by the end of the day.
As well as oh so delicious
Kisses (the chocolate kind) go perfectly with cake
Eat up.
Is golden
Light is silent
Eating the noise away
Noise suddenly dies
Then it’s finally silent
Completely odd
I have to dissect frogs?!
Eating random bits of candy along the way
Never ever going to work in the science field
Caring about random animals
Ending in an awesome year
Any candy along the way?
Medically speaking
Academically speaking
Rolling out of the way speaking
That everyone knows I’m smart
Ugly? NOT
Perfectly yummy
Carefully made
And of course, you may have one
Kiss it for good luck
Eat it because of its yumminess
Sunny days are here. Yay for cupcakes!

On a stick
On a bread
Dead X|

The less than awesome, more childish 2010-2011 yearbook. Seriously, Color outside the lines?

My cupcake pen. :P

The cupcake part of the of the pen. 


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