A guest post

Hello viewers,
I won the 50th comment thing on Shelby's blog, Come all, Come write. And for my prize, I asked her to guest post on my blog. Well here it goes.

Hi everyone! It's Shelby from www.thefashionistagirls.blogspot.com and today I am going to show you with my awful picture taking skills how I have my dresser organized!
My first drawer has miscellaneous things such as: swimming and excercise gear!

My second drawer has things such as: non-fancy Tees and sweatpants, things like that

My third drawer has pajamas! aren't the froggy ones sooo cute? :P

And my last drawer contains all of my tanks and camis, as well as socks. A tip for keeping your socks organized: put the match inside the other match, so they always stay together and you are never searching for the missing sock!

I also want to show you my favorite accessory!

It is an adorable bracelet from Forever 21 that I got on clearance for $5!!!!!!!!!!!!
Alright, that's all for now.
Thanks for reading!
<3, Shelby


  1. Hi! I think I completely forgot to tell you that you won the 135th comment on my blog. Or maybe I did tell you. I can't remember. Anyway, here you go, if you didn't see it already: http://thehouseontherock.blogspot.com/2011/08/contest.html