An alien in math.(A cartoon)

What if this happened in math?

Teacher: You subtract five to both sides.... blah..... blah......blah....blah... and that is how you do a multistep equation
Students: Huh? *Some of them writes it down*

Girl: Mr. Hyptonuse, I don't really get it.
Teacher: (sighs) Didn't you pay attention?
Girl: No
Teacher: (sighs again) You subtract five to both. sides.... blah.. blah.. blah
Students: Umm, Mr. Hyptonuse!
Teacher: Yes?
Students: *Points to the chalkboard* 

Alien: Hey it actually worked. Well hello, I'm Ms. Pinki Pie, and I shall be your new school principal. Your other one, umm unfortunately had an accident with the printer. And..... blah, blah, blah

Everyone in the classroom: *Gasps* *Stares* *Shocked* *Scared* 


  1. Um... What just happened? Not only am I reffering to that confusing comic of dinosauric (totally a word) proportion, but I just saw the background change. Is that normal?

  2. I think I did that in math today!