Happy 9/11

As you may have heard today is the tenth anniversary of 9/11. It has been a decade since that terrible terrorist attack happened. And you also might have heard that they're building new twin towers in New York. I'm not sure about the details, but hopefully it won't be so tall that planes won't crash into it. And in honor of 9/11, I found this on facebook from one of my friend's statuses.
‎. . ... (
. . . .(,)
. . _.-ﺜ-._
. . |. . . . |
. . |. . . . |..A candle burns in Remembrance of 09/11/2001
. . |. . . . |
. . [♥ღღ♥]..Please keep the candle burning

A candle, so post this on your facebook or in this case blog, for 9/11, please?

And here's a random poem for this day.

I was only four
Not knowing what really was happening. 
The terror on everybody's faces
As they see what's happening on t.v. 
Smoke was everywhere
People were escaping
Some were jumping
Lives were destroyed
On this faithful day
The nation got stronger
In unimaginable ways
Now it has been a decade
And I now know a lot more then I should know
Memorials are held for those that died
Loved ones still reminiscence
The nation's airport security
Has changed
And yet 
Somewhere inside of me
Still don't know what to feel
Since no one close to me
Has died
Or was in the east coast
And yet I feel guilty
Each 9/11 day

Not really sure what I was aiming for but at least I'm honoring the day. Now off to watch the T.V which will most likely have 9/11 stuff. Salut

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  1. thats a sweet poem, thanks for posting about it :)