Hello Week

It is hello week at my school to welcome all the new students, and teachers, and the old students back to school. Which is ironic since school started a month ago. But anyways hello!
And today was the first dance of the year, the hello dance. It was crowded and stuffy, fun. and sucky. Everyone was either dancing, or just standing around. And amid all that was moi photographing it all. It was for yearbook though so the camera was only temporary. But it was fun, snapping everyone's pics, and they were happy about it. Especially the not really popular peoples.
Well bye, I'm tired now. Taking pictures, dancing, and doing homework really will sap your energy, as well as soda.


  1. So you DO get a camera for yearbook?
    DARN IT. I almost signed up for yearbook (today was Club Day). Awh, dang it. I guess I should have signed up for it...