A book you must read ~ Listen to Me: Shared Secrets From Writegirl

Well not exactly, but it is really good. Inspiring stories and good writing prompts. If I remember correctly there's one that says describe your street that you live on.

Goodreads summary: Literary Anthology. Writing. Young Adult. Edited by Karen Taylor. Love, pain, relationships, cravings, neighbors, murder, boredom, mysteries, vegetarians and peacocks are just a few of the subjects inside the pages of LISTEN TO ME: SHARED SECRETS FROM WRITEGIRL. Girls and women reveal deeply personal stories and perspectives in the form of creatively-crafted and spontaneous gems of poetry, fiction, scenes, songs and essays. An entire chapter offers a variety of writing experiments to help you discover and share your own secrets. "WriteGirl is a dazzling chorus of smart, tough, inspired voices of independent-minded young women"—Carol Muske-Dukes.


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