Guess what!

In the genetic coding of DNA... every, and I mean every human have about the same genetic coding, something around the ninety-ninety-nine percent if I heard my science teacher right. So it means that... there's no such thing as race, in the genetic world. So race is an unnatural thing that we created ourselves.
So compare an African American, an Asian, a Caucasian, and an American, saying... which two comes close in DNA, all of them would be 25% since all of them would be the same anyways.
And the human descendant comes from Africa, and there's more but I can't really remember. Go watch the Eyes of Nye to find out, that's how I learned.
Plus who knew that Bill Nye has a new science show. Now that's random.

So salut, I just had to share that because it be an important piece of information in your future.

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  1. My proof of why race doesn't exist (for humans): Race in an animal means a subspecies. Humans don't have subspecies. Skin color is a characteristic just like eye color, or whether your hair is curly.