Day two et three

Of Important Conversations. In which I forgot to post yesterday and apologize because I was being my lazy self. Now onto the post which is about self-confidence and censorship.

Day two: Self-confidence

Easily breakable
Like hard clay
But a bit hard to put back together

Having webs of cracks
Like a mirror
Kindness and genuine compliments
Can help mend it

Smiles helps
Tears don’t
Being mean
Society’s view on beauty
All like a hammer


Till it all shatters
Into varying pieces

And only then can
Acts of kindness
And society actually realizing what true beauty really is
Can fix the pieces

Day three: Censorship
It all depends on the censorship. Censorship against swearing especially on television on my opinion can be good because it can help teach people that it's a bad thing to say. And plus it's better that the younger generation doesn't know about those words yet, because it's inappropriate and I wouldn't want them tasting nothing but soap for a couple of days/weeks. 

Bad language is a stage all children go through, and it dies with time when they learn they're not attracting attention with it.  ~Harper Lee, To Kill a Mockingbird, Chapter 9, spoken by the character Atticus

But if it's a censorship on the internet for copyright reasons. Now that's plain dumb, especially if politics is trying to get you to buy more Hollywood movies. And that's what SOPA, IP [something], and ACTA (a scarier version of SOPA and it's mostly private and international) is. So say no to them and be glad that congress (hopefully) set it aside. Because if most of the internet is blocked off because of copyright stuff, then it's going to be a harder life then. Since the internet is becoming much more sociable and useful now days. Without it well... hello libraries you're probably going to get full again. 


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