Racial prejudice and Feminism

Never judge by its cover as they say. Only could we help it if we do happen to judge it to see if it's interesting or not? Same thing with humans, judging other humans. We always seem to judge each other on our race, what we wear, our skin color, etc. just to see if they're interesting at a first glance, whether we intended to or not. But for most of the time we let it slide off and not say it out loud, and try to get to know the other person. But if some of us says it out loud, well that's bad. It means that they're not going to let their judgement slide out the door, and will probably refuse to get to know the other person. Most likely causing some consequences in the future, just like the whole slavery thing, the Civil War, and the 1960(?)s, and the whole German, and Japanese people in the United States living as 'regular people' during WW2.

I can't really think of anything to say other than it doesn't have to be a girl it can be a guy that has a bit more feminism as well. And that we both have masculine and feminism sides, it's just that girls feminism side shows up more, and vice versa for the guy. So now onto random pictures that may or may not fit with feminism. 
* Caution some of the pictures swears*


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