What is beauty?

Beauty isn’t defined by society. It’s defined by you. True beauty isn’t what you see in magazines, television, and stuff. True beauty is simply being you. And here's a video made by some girls that are in college talking what it's like to be pressured to be thin, skinny, and perfect.

It's making me a bit angry, knowing how the media has affected us, by defining what real 'true' beauty is. 


An amazing site called Proud 2 be me. It's a project from the NEDA aka the National Eating Disorder Association, and it talks about healthy body attitudes, and having a postivie relationship with food and weight. I recommend everyone to go check it out, even when you don't think you may have an eating disorder. It may help for someone that you do know that has an eating disorder. So go check it out now. 

And if you're Asian, or Asian American like me and am trying to find the 'perfect' body, please go here. It's Thick Dumpling Skin, and it helps Asians/ Asian Americans find out that you don't have to do anything drastic to be skinny (such as not eating) in fact, you don't have to be skinny at all. You just have to be you, and be happy. And go to that site if you're having issues with your food and body. 

And please, everyone, don't do anything drastic to have the 'perfect' body. Because you're perfect just the way you are. I promise. 
And don't let the media, people, or even you say that you're not perfect. But guess what... no one is perfect. 

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  1. an amazing video! i think im going to share this with Juliet from A Purple Sky! She loves things like this!
    p.s. i unfortunately deleted come all come write, so im going to do the award post on the fashionista girls and say it was for come all come write! :) thanks!