A book named Crossed

Book: Crossed
Series: Matched #2
Author: Ally Condie
Status: Currently reading
How I'm liking it so far: It's okay I guess.
Reason why I'm reading this: To make my twin a bit annoyed because she really wants to read this book. And plus I needed a book to read. Plus, I wanted to see Ky's view on things not really Cassia. (And this was after I checked out the book.)
Who's my favorite so far: No one, except maybe Ky. Only I wouldn't call him my favorite, it's just that I like him a bit better than the others. Minus Indie I like her too.
Other: It's hard to get into the book if you've kind of forgotten nearly everything from the first book. Which is a bit ironic considering that Matched is on the next desk over from me.
And it's a bit interesting to know that the setting is based in the southern part of the state I live in. At least this book ins't entirely not educational. I'm learning about the geographical features of my state... kind of.
Current rating: 2 or a 3 out of five.


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