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                Being a freshman is hard. Do this class, do that class, get high school credit, do your work, don’t get an F, pass. It’s also a bit harder if you’re in all honors.
Geography: Do your current event, answer this question, don’t get below a B or you’re on probation (my geography teacher really does do that), PASS.
Math: Work, don’t fail, and PASS
Science: Do your science project, study for the slightly harder honors test that isn’t even that much different from the regular test, do the work, PASS
English: Do your essay, read that book, do your book review, write in your notebook, write, PASS
The good thing about geography is that I don’t have to do any service hours, just like what my history teacher last year did to her honors classes. Now she was way harder than my geography teacher was. This is ironic considering that he’s ‘preparing’ us for the actual high school, which is more like giving us random rants which is wasting valuable class time.
But, I’m scared when I have to go to the actual high school next year. The classes are going to be slightly harder; the halls are going to be mazelike and confusing. It doesn’t help that there’s six buildings, three floors, and about five minutes to get to class. The college preparatory class that actually chose me and a bunch of my other friends are – as I heard – going to be boring filled with learning how to take Cornell notes that I already know how to do and working that gigantic binder that’s supposed to help us keep organized. And making us not want to take that class again, but we can’t get out of it because we’re stuck in it all the way to senior year. Plus, I heard it looks good on college applications, just like volunteering and a couple of other clubs that I’m going to join [maybe].
Well that’s high school for ya. Not really, like those in books and movies… kind of, it usually depends on your school. In fact, for my school the students actually want to learn [good colleges? Are their parents forcing them? Or is it them being their nerdy self that isn’t actually teased only admired and used]. Plus I heard that the college prep class was a bit more competitive this year than all the other years it was here. This reminds me…
What my high school life might be like. Only I won't go so crazy and I probably have to study more. 

                What’s funny the two jr. high schools in my town [that are major rivals] kind of hate each other. I wonder what it’s going to be like when we all go to the same high school next year. Will it be grr? Or will it be let’s get over our “preordained” rivalry and be friends, after all we are classmates now. [Only not so cheery, that would be a bit odd]. And when I said preordained, I was being a bit dramatic. Not everyone from my school and the other school actually hate each other, we’re [more they’re] jealous of each other. Especially since my school is the newer smarter version, and they're just older but they're most likely the high school's favorite because that school is way closer. *Isn't even sure if the high school has a favorite Jr. High*
                And I’m ending with another picture or two. 

Rivals ending in friendship


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