I'll have to wait at least one more week to see the Hunger Games. -_-
The reason, is because there will hopefully be less people going to see it, meaning that my two sisters and I will get good seats. It's something like that, but I kind of doubt that will happen. It is the Hunger Games after all, a lot of people are going to see it regardless if its their first time or their twentieth.

But let's hope, I don't pull out my hair by then. Also if you have seen the Hunger Games please be like my brother and don't post spoilers. Well moving on, the topic of today's post isn't about me wanting very badly to watch the Hunger Games, or about those of you who have already seen it. It's about something centering around the Hunger Games or more precisely the characters. I'm assuming most of you guys heard the almost age old question: 
Peeta vs. Gale 
Well I'm here to tell you why I prefer Peeta a bit more than Gale. And my opinion has been influenced a bit by the book The Girl Who Was On Fire by Leah Wilson. So here it goes. And please excuse my sucky drawing of Gale.

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Firecracker Gale and dandelion Peeta are so different from each other that it's easy to imagine that a girl who would choose Gale is a completely different person than one who would choose Peeta. When people sit around debating who Katniss should choose, maybe what they're really debating actually is her identity - and the romance is just a proxy for that big, hard question about the ever-changing, unaware girl on fire. 
- One of authors from the book The Girl Who Was On Fire

Katniss when in the Hunger Games can't really think that the tributes are like the animals she hunts back home. She knows that they have a family who's hoping that their son/daughter will come home. Unlike Gale, he'll probably think of them as animals, willing to do anything [not cannibalism] to come home. If he was in the arena. But maybe not, he'll probably feel some regret about killing someone. As Peeta says in Mockingjay, it costs everything about who you are, if you do kill innocent people. And the tributes that are forced to battle are in a way innocent. They're children for goodness sake, and children doesn't kill not unless forced to. And some sees it some don't. 

[SPOILER] for Mockingjay
Also in the book Mockingjay, when Gale and Beetee would spend most of their time designing snares that would be used to kill people. Sure it's for a war, but a lot of people are going to get killed either way. And no one will beneifit from it. President Coin is just going to end up like President Snow, if you think about it (another Hunger Games only for the Capitol children, nudge, nudge). So it's a relief that she died, as well as Snow. 

Also when Gale, Katniss, and the other people were in District 2 trying to figure out how to disable the mountain. Gale comes up with the excellent idea of using the avalanche, locking everyone inside with no survivors. Gale seems perfectly fine doing that too. And it's all because they're working for the Capitol, so it's fine to kill them off. Only it's not, because they're humans as well with family and friends, and feelings. 

So Gale hates the Capitol and anyone and everyone who works for the Capitol some way. While Peeta doesn't hate them in a way. He sees the people who's with the Capitol as humans. Plus he knows that killing people is wrong and won't really benefit anyone in the end. And Peeta knows how to bake, which is good. 

So there you go
Peeta: Knows that killing people is wrong, sees people as humans, and knows how to cook, and is good with children. 
Gale: Knows how to take care of people, sees people who works with the Capitol as bad people, doesn't have a problem with killing a bunch of people. 

Those are my reasons, why I prefer Peeta over Gale. And please don't hate me because I pointed out some of the bad stuff about Gale. It is after all true, if you read the books a bit closer. And please no debates. 
Also who do you prefer, Gale or Peeta? 


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