A bittersweet two days.

Yay, you're alive! 
[Insert random message for the random person]
♥ Stacy N.
That's primarily what I wrote in people's yearbooks for the past two days. And it was a bit bittersweet considering that I'll never see most of these people again. For two reasons
1.     They’re going to a different high school from me.
2.     They’re still going to the same school not yet ready to move onto high school.

So it was goodbye I’m glad you’re my friend/ you were amazing, [insert other nice adjectives]/have a great life/ etc for most of them. And a see ya later to those that I know will see again. There was always facebook and life having an uncanny way of making me meet people that I thought will never see again, though, so at least I won’t be that out of touch. Still, I won’t meet them again, so if you go to my school and is reading this right now. Just know that I said goodbye/see ya later depending who you are and which high school you’re going to next year.

Now let’s move onto other stuff of no important matter, if you can call this unimportant.  

What do you get for working your butt off for most of the year to create something that everyone will enjoy? A yearbook.

A yearbook that’s thankfully better than last year’s but has slightly less pictures and a whole lot of mistakes. And I’m almost tempted to go through the whole yearbook with a red pen to correct them all. Thankfully the very last page didn’t have any mistakes, because it was written by yours truly.

In fact I should have done that, discreetly edit the whole yearbook at home. And the yearbook teacher wouldn’t care because I’m on the yearbook team.

This reminds me…

And yes that is a hole cut into a shape of a puzzle piece on the front cover. My yearbook teacher haggled very hard for a lot of stuff to be added in the yearbook this year, and surprisingly it worked. Also have fun connecting to the power of knowledge, which actually helped me this year if I think about it. 



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