Dear future me, a dare

Sorry, if I haven’t posting for the past few days. Field trips to the amusement park and solar eclipses have been caught in my attention, as well as being a bit lazy and sick. There was also something else that I was doing over the weekend as well. And it first started as a handwritten letter in math class, that my math class teacher actually made us do. It was odd considering that he’s not an English teacher but expected since we’ve nothing else to do. We already completed our studies and finals in math for that year anyways.

I bet you’ve already kind of figured it out, from the picture on the side. However if you haven’t here’s a hint: it involves writing a letter.

To who? You may be wondering. If you can read - and I know you can read - just read the words in that picture.

Dear future me…

That’s right, my math teacher made my class write a handwritten letter to our future selves, that he’s going to send in five years. It was slightly unexpected but fun as we told our future selves nearly everything about ourselves and what has happened during the year. It was fun though as I rambled on how weird it was to write in third person, and what my goals were. However it was short in my standard, and I would have written more if it weren’t for that [rainy] field trip to the amusement park.

So a day after that, I’ve went onto futureme.org, to write myself an actual letter, that will be sent out in five years. It was long by five pages, as I rambled on and on about my fifteen year old life, that surely my twenty year old self would remember.

This reminds me of why you’re here. As you can see by the title, this post is going to be a dare. Not to me, since I’ve already done it, but to you.

I dare you to write a letter to your future self, using futureme.org. And send it to yourself in five years or so. Describe how your year has been going and how it went, describe your current dislikes and likes, your goals, your crushes, etc.

It’s going to be fun, and I bet your future self would appreciate getting the letter that you wrote five or so years ago. And it’s easy as well, futureme.org lets you set your own date of when to send it, and it will actually send your letter on that date. Also once you’ve submitted it, you’re not allowed to change or even look at that letter. It’s like a time capsule, only electronically.

So what are you waiting for? Go write that letter to your future self, right now. Don’t procrastinate, just write, write, and write, till you are satisfied with the whole thing. It doesn’t matter if it’s short or long or somewhere in between, just as long as you’re happy with what’s in it.

Also, you can’t back out of it, it is a dare.


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