Only two more weeks

Till the last day of school comes, and I’m already sad thinking about it. Sure, I’m a bit happy, considering that it is the last day of school. And then three months of no schoolwork and you get bored. But you can stay up, sleep in late, and have fun.

Not unless you’re taking online schooling for the summer (like me -_-), then you’re not completely out of the ballpark for schoolwork. At least you won’t lose any of the information you learned in school, if you do take online schooling over the summer. It’s also the reason why the first part of school is just reviews, because teachers are trying to make you remember what you’ve lost during summer.

Now, I shall stop rambling about summer break, and just tell you guys why I’m sad that school is ending. It’s simply because it’s my last year at school. It’s the last time I’ll go walk the halls, have a half locker, and eat the lunch food. It’s also the last time that I’ll see the teachers that I’ve known since seventh grade. Practically much, it’s the last year of everything that I’m going to do there.

And that’s what makes me sad, knowing that it’s last year. It also scares me, knowing that I’m going to the actual high school next year. My just-barely-turned-into-a-sophomore head is probably going to explode from most of the work that I’ll receive. But I’m glad that I’m only going to be a sophomore next year, because they don’t receive really, really hard homework and have college pressures (yet).

However that eventually passes. So does college, and life, and everything else in between.
That includes being sad because it’s near my end at Jr. High. And I’ll probably be sadder when I’m finished with high school and college.

But enough with being sad, here’s something happy. 

I can't wait till Friday, because I'm going on a field trip to the amusement park. ^.^

 It reminds me of the disney movie, Bugs Life


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