A failure and a book

The end of the world turned out to be an epic fail. However, the epic fail will happen all over again around 2015... maybe.

But, this book, The Raven Boys  isn't a failure. With characters who makes hard choices, isn't entirely romantically in love with one another, and visions that may or may not come true, with a pretty unique plot, it certainly landed a spot on the list of books that I have to have. It also deals with psychics, which is better than having to deal with all of the vampire and werewolves who falls in love a bit quickly somewhere in the book of Twilight. (But I must admit Charlie Swan is a pretty cool character).

And now I present to you, The Raven Boys animated and kind of creepy book trailer that I couldn't help but laugh at.

P.S. Only three more days till Christmas and the new Doctor Who Christmas special. ^.^


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