What I miss about blogging

I miss blogging.
I miss sharing songs that I couldn’t help but love.
I miss the feeling of learning something new.
I miss opening my mind to new ideas and subjects that I would not normally research for.
I miss sharing my thoughts on everything and anything.
I miss telling you guys about my life (though I doubt that you really read those anyways).
I miss ranting, that it literally seems my throat has decided to clog up because it isn't ranting.
I miss writing posts that matters in some way.
I miss writing silly ones.
I miss having a blogging schedule.
I miss reading blog posts from other bloggers.
I miss having a place to share my writings.
I miss sharing my (kind of good) photographs.
I miss adding to my ever growing to-read list.
I miss seeing pretty photographs taken by other bloggers.
I miss the feeling of actually feeling something whenever I read certain blog posts (like this one).
I miss knowing what is going on in another blogger’s life.
I miss empathizing with other bloggers as well (though they might not ever know it).
I miss entering contents of some sort.
I miss connecting to other bloggers.
But most of all I miss connecting to you, the readers. Because you guys are actually willing to read my words, no matter how sucky or great or somewhere in between they may be. 


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