Lifescouts badge #2: Watching the sunrise

It was a night long ago, one where words and reality seemed far more interesting than one that dreams can provide. Soon far too soon than my brain can conceive, I hear my part of the world waking up to a new dawn. And shortly after, a realization comes to me; I've stayed up all night. And what a night it was, staying on the computer talking to a few online friends of mine while the television showed bad infomercials and my mom insisted that I go to sleep (and in an act of independence and mainly teenage rebellion, I decided to not listen to her).

However, my eyes could not stay on the computer any longer or risk going blind. So after quickly reheating some plain white rice for a light breakfast, I went outside to enjoy the fresh air. It was dewy and slightly chilly as well as pretty. The chair I was sitting on was also dirty, but I didn’t care because I was tired and it wasn’t like I was going anywhere later that day. Plus, it was a nice to be at as the sun started to raise bringing a nice glowing orange and blue to start off another school free, summer day. 


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