Lifescouts badge #9: Back to the olden days

Sorry for not posting this yesterday. I’ve recently moved in with my older sister and the wi fi here only works during certain points of the day. Plus, there’s also the fact that I’ve been studying for math and driving around doing errands as well as a lot of sleeping in.
In Utah, there’s a holiday called Pioneer Day, which basically much celebrates the day when the pioneers (who were Mormon, I believe) first came into this state. And my family and I happened to be at the local pioneer park to celebrate the holiday. It was a fun day full of candy cannons, riding a train on wheels, and visiting the local general store which locally had air conditioning. But what made it worth it was getting to ride on a horse drawn cart.
My twin sister and I were walking down a dusty street, sweating in the dreadful summer sun. And in the distance, we saw a person with a horse drawn cart about to leave. So without really thinking about it, we started racing down the street, determined to get on it. It was hard and it didn’t help that we weren’t really runners but we finally reached it, able to enjoy the unknown buildings of the park (such as the town hall) and listen to a little girl talk about how much she likes Taylor Swift.



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