Lifescouts badge #19: Faster than walking

It started out as a curiosity that first began as impatience. Nobody was bothering to take some time out of their day to teach me how to ride a two wheeled bike. And I was tired of riding a bike with training wheels, as well as slightly embarrassed to still be seen riding around with them on. So sometime in second grade, I picked up the rusty colored bike that leaned against the fence in the backyard. And through observation and the help of sidewalk curbs I managed to get myself to balance on that two wheeled bike and actually go somewhere. However, it was not without some falls of course.
And through my independent learning, it sparked an interest in my twin sister and little brother, who then in turn started to learn how to ride a bike the same way as me. Proving that siblings have more influence on each other than the parents do.

~ Stacy N.


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