Lifescouts badge #24: The thrill of being upside down

During the summer, my family would go to the local amusement park. And we would go on the rides, swim at the little water park, play the games, and eat their food. However, as far as rides would go, I would only go onto the kiddy ones, when I was younger. Always trying to stay clear of the roller coasters and the other big rides, because they were scary.

Eventually, I got over that fear as I started to get older. And then I started to get excited to go onto the roller coasters that my amusement park had to offer. Which would lead to feeling a bit impatient as I waited in the long lines. That impatience eventually turned into an exhilaration mixed with a nervousness as I went onto the ride. Which eventually turned into happiness and a slight disappointment that the ride wasn't longer. 
~ Stacy N.


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