What goes on around one in the morning

Currently reading: Girl in Translation by Jean Kwok. Surprisingly, this book is slowly helping me get out of my reading slump (a period of time when you don’t read as often or when you don’t read at all, from what I can gather). I try to get through the pages quickly, wanting to know what happens next. Because I can relate to Kimberly Chang in some ways.

Currently on my mind: Who’s the girl, Kimberly Chang is talking about in Girl in Translation? I can’t help but feel that my aunts and uncles on my dad’s side are like Kimberly Chang’s Aunt Paula. Yay, I still have to finish the rest of my math homework. I wonder what he’s implying at… I should stop over thinking. And I should probably get back to them, and…

Currently listening to: the Coeur De Pirate radio on Pandora.

Currently loving: Comments, chocolate, sleep, procrastinating on homework, texts from a certain someone, the book that I’m reading, my new wallet, the fact that I didn’t have to go to church this week, Vanilla Chai from Dunkin’ Donuts, and the library.

Currently dreading: A skiing trip, my math homework, that essay that I have to write in English class, and my driving test.

Currently fearing: Other than failing, probably other people leaving me for someone else, dying while skiing, the scars that I imprint onto other people becoming so big that it becomes impossible to fix them, telling other people my feelings, and the fact that I really have to start making decisions about college and the ACT soon.

Should currently be doing: sleeping so I won’t feel so tired when I go skiing in the morning. Oh well, too late about that.

And now the weather:
- Stacy N.


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