Do you hear that?

If you came into my room and saw me writing, you would hear either one of two things: silence or music. Oftentimes it will be silent. The only sound will be the clickety-clacking of my keyboard.  However, there are plenty of times when music is in the air. When it’s hanging out in the background, spurring me to write and write and write.
That music can come from Pandora, ranging from pop to rock to instrumental. Or it can come from the instrumental playlists on 8tracks. Or it can come from my phone, where the music is either too poppy, too rocky, too alternative, or too something. Hell, it could be all the music found on my tumblr.
In the end, the music is inspirational, exciting, sad, happy, or so full of messages about love. And all of that inspired me to start making playlists for my own characters and stories.

List of all the songs mentioned in this post

The first playlist that I've ever created was for Eliza Vuong, a character from my Camp Nanowrimo 2013 story, Everybody Talks (but me). She's a young girl who has her own web diary, for those who are willing to listen.


Nanowrimo 2013, The Shadow & her Lover, is a book about Peter and Eliza falling in love. This  playlist describes their relationship from beginning to end.


This playlist describes parts of Rain and Beth's relationship. They're from my novel, Immortality Doesn't Exist.


The last playlist that I've created was for my Nanowrimo 2014 book of aus, You Again. I was trying to capture the feelings between the three couples, Rain and Eliza, Lana and Parker, and Eliza and Peter.  

Missing from this playlist: Coffee Shop (demo) by Chad Sugg because it is nowhere to be found on youtube. However it could be found on spotify.


This blog post was part of the Teens Can Write Too Blog Chain. Where the prompt for February is:
How does music relate to your writing?
This was a surprisingly fun prompt to write about. Because I like music and I like relating that to my writing.
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~ Stacy N.


  1. Wow, that's a lot of playlists—and great music, I'm sure! You dropped a lot of names I love—Vanilla Twilight in particular is one of my favorites. These posts are a great way to see how dedicated so many writers are to the music they work with, and that's awesome. Great selections!

  2. Thanks. ^.^
    I like your music selection as well, especially Once Upon A Dream by Lana Del Rey. And I agree, these posts are a great way to see how much music has impacted the writer's writing, whether the music is turned into playlists that inspire their stories or are just in the background while they're writing.