I used to rescue myself from dragons with evil breath, but now I breathe those evil breaths myself.

Their breath stank up the stale room
Offering no chance of escape
I found escape anyways

In little ways
The light of a flashing alarm
The dripping of a broken fountain
The smell of burnt paper

But that all went away
As I breathed their very stank
Offering no one a chance of escape

And now the weather:
This is My Paradise by Bridgit Mendler
~ Stacy N.


  1. What beautiful imagery! I think it reminds me of growing up; we used to be innocent but now that we are not we just make the world even more polluted. Either way, this is lovely! :)

  2. Thank you! And as I look back at it, I think I was subconsciously trying to give that message. How we're all innocent at one point, but as time goes on, we stop being so innocent and instead start participating in the things we used to stay away from.