Just College Things

  • It’s pretty damn cool that the professors here are required to call people by their preferred name and preferred pronouns.
  • Inwardly moaning about printing costs, and how it’s eventually going to add up.
  • Walking everywhere, mainly in the heat (darn you Utah), and up and down hills and stairs. 
  • Starting to become a hungry college student (probably from a lot of walking and thinking), and probably be one of the few who doesn’t get the freshman fifteen. 
  • Tired. 
  • Cursing about parking on game days.
  • Reading a lot of great, surprising, weird, and/or sometimes okay stories. 
  • There’s usually some kind of event going on somewhere on campus, like a farmer’s market, a club’s social, meeting the dean of your college, etc. 
  • There’s peace, quiet, and comfy chairs in the library. 
  • Getting lost while driving around campus. 
  • That excitement about going to the local bookstore to grab some books for class. And exploring all the little nooks and crannies of that place. 
  • Procrastination
  • Accidentally being late for work (look back at the getting lost around campus, and the many events that are happening). 
  • Fingerprinting and how modern it is now.  
  • Kind of dreading and kind of excited about getting to play with little kids for my gender class. 
  • There’s free food somewhere.
  • Finally knowing the meaning of a broke college student. 
  • Writing papers in the middle night (look back at procrastination and look down at the schedule) 
  • Trying to juggle my schedule so it could fit school, study, work, and fun. As one of my department leaders from work said, “It’s like Jenga” or something like that. 
  • Meeting lots of people.
  • Hanging out with friends. 
  • Studying almost everywhere, at work, home, school, and on the Trax train. 
  • Slowly getting used to the Trax train and bus system that’s in Utah.
  • Getting a new laptop and trying to make that become a bit like the old one. 
  • Windows 10 and the school internet.
  • Thinking that one of my exes was going to another college. But nope the joke is on me. Oh well, at least we have different schedules, so the chance of actually running into each other is pretty low. 
  • Busy, busy, busy.
  • Feeling happy because its college, where you (slowly) become your own independent self. 
And now the weather:
~ Stacy N.


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