I'm almost twenty... in eight more months

I'm always looking up, aren't I?
I’m scared of my twenties. I’m scared of growing up, still confused and lost as ever about what I really want to do. I’m scared of being hurt and being more cynical than ever. I’m scared of financial debt and possibly crappy jobs. I’m scared of that inevitable tiredness. I’m scared of losing myself amongst all of this hopelessness, that’s found in almost every corner of the world. I’m scared of getting lost in a never ending routine that leads me to nowhere.
I’m excited to find myself in unexpected places. I’m excited to be able to make choices that I know are right for me. I’m excited to continue to fall more in love with myself each day. I’m excited to learn more about a lot of things (feminism, English, languages, etc.) I’m excited to expand my horizon. I’m excited to continually look deep inside of myself and consciously change all of the problematic things that are still embedded deep inside of me (no matter how hard it may be). I’m excited for better changes that are actually helpful for the community. I’m excited for, hopefully, a better future, no matter how rocky that future may be.

And now the weather:
Stiches by Shawn Mendes, cover by Alessia Cara
~ Stacy N.


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