You're more than that

Photographed by This is Awkward
Creative Commons
  1. Look at what makes up you. Your looks, your characteristics, your actions, your thoughts, etc. 
  2. Notice how many of them doesn’t fit the typical boxes that are affiliated with you. Boxes include gender, race, economic class, sexuality, looks, religion, where you live, ability, etc. 
  3. Now don’t give a care because you’re not defined by a set of attributes that society has set for you. And realize that you’re more than that number, job affiliation, and any other stereotype. You’re an amazing human being with a lot of potential. Now keep it up (and it’s okay if you mess up, just try again). 
  4. Realize that it’s okay to be some of the stereotypes that society has placed on you. Embrace it and turn it into a good thing. And then tell other people to fuck off if they try to reduce you to nothing more but a stereotype and only that stereotype. 
  5. Don’t reduce other people to nothing more than stereotypes. Instead, notice their humanity, their personality, what makes them them.

And now the weather:
Let It Go by James Bay, Cover by The Fu
~ Stacy N.


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