A fictionalized version of events


1) I look at the back of the grey bus seat, empty and non-seeing.
2) The flower petals fall into the garbage can, one by one. 
3) The shredder continues whirring. His puns continue disappearing.
4) The flames reach higher and higher, and those brown eyes soon disappear from my life.
5) I blink back tears, repeating to myself that he was not worth crying over.
6) The buildings, the leaves, the birds, and the clouds taunt me. Telling me to look up and up. To be
free. But it’s hard to trust them when it told the same thing to him.
7) I move on with my life. He’s not worth thinking about.
8) On the first day of classes, I wanted to barf. I was terrified of seeing him again. I didn’t eat
much that day or the days after that.
9) We see each other, we pass each other. Strangers again.
10) Life continues. Graduation happens. Orientation, first day of college, I start to forget about
11) We saw each other again, nothing was said, we continue with our lives.
12) I finally look up again, free. 

And now the weather: Yellow Flicker Beat by Lorde
~ Stacy N.


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