College so far


ACCTG 2600: Survey of Accounting
It's not a bad class, it made me realize that there is a lot more to accounting than ledgers, debits, and credits.

ENGL 370: 1 Introduction to Literary History 1 (works before 1800)
I like the readings because most of them are translated into Modern English. However, the online class is a bit disorganized.

ENGL 5550: Young Adult Novel
It's a fun class, taught by the lovely young adult author, Sara Zarr. Also, it's the only creative writing class that really made me write more often, plus it made me think about novel writing in a different (more manageable) way.

FCS 3370: Parenting &; Cultures
This is a pretty cool class because it made me think about parenting differently, and how we shouldn't make the white, middle-class American model the right way to parent. Also, I found myself doing another volunteer project for this class. This time I'm helping tutor refugee teenagers from Africa. I'm trying to not develop white savior complex and really learn about them because they're fun people.

VIET 2010: Intermediate Vietnamese 1
The class tripled in size in both the intermediate and the beginning courses. Which is amazing because it means that more people want to connect to their roots. It's also a fun class , we have interesting conversations and try to help each other survive. Reading Vietnamese is still hard but writing it is a bit easier now.

I've also found myself involved in several clubs this year: Vietnamese American Student Association (VASA), Asian American Student Association (AASA), Students for Choice (a pro-choice, intersectional feminist group), the Canticle (the undergraduate literary magazine), and Write Club (which I need to go to more meetings). The first two, I ended up joining again is because I want to connect to my Asian side more, and to learn a bit more about the Vietnamese culture (I've realized that I'm pretty whitewashed after living in Utah for my whole life). I'm also on the Canticle staff, and it's fun because we host workshops to try to get other writers to edit their piece to send to the magazine. The Write Club, as far as I know, is mainly about workshopping creative writing pieces. And Students for Choice has helped me realize more about reproductive health than any health class that I took in the past (oh, Utah and its abstinence-only teaching, though I do have to applaud my eleventh-grade health teacher for actually bringing in someone to talk about contraceptions.)

I could talk more about how productive I was in the beginning before slightly procrastinating again. And how I'm actually enjoying myself more. Or I could also talk about how my favorite moment so far was when I was in a dress, wearing my big coat and it was pouring out. It was cold, and it was around nine at night. My car was all the way across campus at one of the engineering buildings, and I was at the library. Thankfully, I had an umbrella and not wearing heels. It was pretty exciting walking across campus in the rain (though, kind of scary considering the dangers out there). And it was the first time in a while when I truly felt happy and free and light. I miss that part of me, the one not bogged down by college, adult responsibilities, work, and depression.

And now the weather:
Secrets by OneRepublic cover by Bryson Andres
~ Stacy N.


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