He will never be my president (thoughts about this year's presidential election)

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Note: There is strong language ahead.

1 AM, I work on my Vietnamese homework while listening to NBC's coverage of the election. Trump won, with glassy eyes, I continue writing.  

Honestly, I'm fucking angry and sad and scared. Angry that he ended up winning despite all his xenophobic, racist anti-LGBTQIAP+, sexist, and overall offensive campaign. Sad that America has come to this and how all the progress Obama has made in the past eight years might be washed away. And sad that no matter what, America will still be stubbornly made for white people. And scared of what will happen next. But honestly, it's not fucking surprising because of how often the media talks about him. Since his name was everywhere, it makes sense that more people remembered his name more than Hillary. And one of the reasons why people vote for a candidate is because they recognize the name. But still fucking Trump? The guy who wants to build a wall along the Mexican border; said grab them by the pussy; wants to get rid of the affordable healthcare act with something "better"; doesn’t want Muslims from entering the countrydeport all undocumented immigrants aka undocumented people of color; and more? Versus someone who actually has a plan and is more than qualified to become president.

7 PM election night, a coworker asks me, if I had the money, would I go to Canada. Oh, the hypocrisy here. So, it's okay for us Americans to flee to another country to escape a Trump presidency but not Syrian refugees who are also escaping from a bad government? I said no. I would stay. Past me would have said yes, but I already invested too much into this country. Plus, I would rather try to actively get involved and try to make the US a little bit better, whether it's protesting or donating as much as I can. And despite all its flaws, the United States is home.
On my Facebook feed, the ones who are posting that it's just an election, it will all be fine, just suck it up, or I don’t care are white people. Meanwhile, most of my minority friends are scared, offering support, and trying to cope with the fact that we will have to live in a Trump presidency. Especially since we're the ones who have to deal with it the most. While my white friends have their white privilege protecting them. They also don’t have to deal with racism (and no, fucking reverse racism doesn’t exist), unlike the rest of us. And most of them don’t have to worry much when it comes to surviving the next four years or worry much about if Trump will actually deport almost every undocumented immigrant.

And yes, it’s true that the president doesn’t have much power because they’re kept in check by both Congress and the Supreme Court, but that doesn’t mean that the president doesn’t have some influence over what Congress can do. And since Trump is Republican he holds a lot of influence over the (still) predominately Republican Congress. Which will be hard for those of us who are trying to get America to become more progressive.

Good luck everyone, try to be safe, actively fight for what you believe in, and try to survive the next four years. And just know that you are loved. Also, there's a great resource list by everyday feminism about self-care, systematic oppression, and protests, and just generally trying to understand what has happened. 

And now the weather:
I still refuse to have Trump as my president, but at least Hillary is trying to make the best out of a dark situation.
~ Stacy N.


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