A Harry Potter “Existential Crisis”

Photo by Simson Petrol
According to Pottermore, I belong in the Slytherin house. Slytherin is the house that’s “cunning, ambitious, resourceful, shrewd, [and] determined” according to Pottermore. I don’t feel cunning; it seems like my ambition is running away from me most of the time, but the other three I feel like fits me more. I try to be resourceful but it takes me a bit to get there; shrewd feels so conniving, but it isn’t, and knowing me, I’m usually able to get my way if I really put my mind to it; and determination is my middle name, even though procrastination is always tagging along.
However, I feel like those aren’t my main traits. For a while, I’ve always thought I was a Ravenclaw mixed in with a bit of Hufflepuff. I’m smart and I like learning. But now that I think about it, I don’t think I like learning that much to the point where I have my nose stuffed in this internet article or a book twenty-four seven. However, it also depends on what I’m learning about too… While for my Hufflepuff side, I’m pretty loyal but I do know when to say no and when to take care of myself instead of helping others all the time.
Now that I think about it, no one is really destined to fit in any one house because everyone usually has a mix of traits from every house. However, there’s always these specific traits that pop up over and over again, so I guess people do fit in one house because of those traits. Okay, *shakes head* I’m just going in circles here. I’m really not quite sure what my dominant house is but I guess I’ll stick in Slytherin for the moment.
Aside: Or I could have gotten into Slytherin because my favorite color is green… Or is it because I’m a “pureblood” (aka my family only has Vietnamese blood, as far as I know of). Or is it because I’m destined to be discriminated against in some way but still have a good amount of privilege? Now, I’m just overthinking this.

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