A look into my life for Thursday, November 3, 2016


This is an idea I got from nevillegirl at Musings From Neville's Navel, and I thought it would be interesting to do to. So here it goes. Note: there is a mention of rape. 

7:05 AM: Alarm goes off, go to my phone and play the little games it provides to try and wake me up. Finish, set the timer to go off in ten minutes, and go back to sleep.

7:15 AM: Timer goes off, sets timer for another 10 minutes.

7: 25 AM: Timer goes off once more, the timer is set for another five minutes.

7: 30 AM: I’m up, I’m actually up.

7:32 AM: Grab the clothes I’ve laid out the night before, get dressed, and wash my face.
              If you want to know my secret to looking like a 17-year-old even though I’m twenty, smile and moisturize.

7: 53 AM: Eat a quick breakfast of a ham sandwich and take my vitamins.

8:00 AM: Finish eating, brush my teeth, get my hair ready, put on my shoes, steal my twin’s jacket, grab my phone, keys, backpack, and purse, and get out the door.

8:10 AM: Scrape a bit of ice that is on my windshield. Utah temporarily decides to act like winter even though it’s still fall.

8:15 AM: Finally start driving to school, listen to music on my phone, try to not panic a little because of the possibility that I might be late to my first class, hope that there isn’t any bad morning traffic around this time.

8: 47 AM: Park at the engineering building and try to remind myself that I’m not going to be late. And not panic too much about the rape that happened in the middle of the day on Monday that happened in the same exact parking lot that I’m at right now.

8:50 AM: Walk to accounting class, a bit pissed off about rape culture, sexism, the patriarchy, hyper-masculinity, male entitlement, etc., and still be a bit scared and a bit worried.

8:53-ish AM: Talk a bit with a friend that I haven’t seen a while, say goodbye, and then continue walking to class.

9:00 AM: Make it class, talk a bit with another friend about the business scandals we’ve ended up choosing.

9:10 AM: Class starts. Time to learn about some business scandals. That included…
              Enron, and how big and involved the scandal was à Lehman Brothers (my pick) and how it ended up copying some of Enron’s moves, and then it went bankrupt and it almost caused a financial black hole à Bernard Madoff and how he created a giant Ponzi scheme that finally broke because of the financial crisis that the Lehman Brothers had a play in.

10: 30 AM: Class ends, and I came out of it surprised and disgusted with all of the scandals.

10: 35 AM: Grab my weekly/biweekly brunch from one of the food trucks. In this case, a Vietnamese food truck that has good caramel pork.

10:40 ish AM: Go to the library to study aka try to finish reading Othello and eat a bit of my brunch. Talk a bit with a mechanical engineering student. Try to come up with an idea about what to write my Othello paper on. Get a bit distracted writing this blog post.

12:00 PM: Pack up my stuff and head to my Parenting and Cultures class.

12: 10 PM: Make it to class and continue writing on this blog post some more. Watch some of my classmates set up their board about a country and their parenting practices.

12: 25 PM: Class begins and I learn about Costa Rica, China, Brazil, Ethiopia, and Denmark and some of their culture and parenting practices.
              Costa Rica has a 97% literacy rate. It also has free healthcare, however, since the religion is predominately Catholic there is more restricted access to get birth control and abortions.
              China has the second largest economy and it (like most East and maybe Southeast Asian countries) practices Confucianism.
              One of Brazil’s top three religions is Mormonism and there has been an education reform recently, however, it’s better to send your kid to somewhere with a private education despite the fact that it costs a lot of money to do so.
              Ethiopia is the most populated landlocked country, it has one of the richest coffees in the world, and typically the father is not present during the birth of his child.
              Denmark is the happiest country in the world, education costs are covered all the way from daycare to college level (it actually pays you to go to school), its birth rate is dropping so there are companies that are paying people to have babies, but instead of money it’s just free baby care stuff.

12: something PM: After hearing the presentations, we’re allowed to go on a gallery like stroll and look at the posters more clearly and try some of the different countries’ food like Danishes (Denmark), limeade without the sugar (Brazil, which brings me back my childhood memories of when my own mother would give me that when I was sick, only it was hot), okay eggrolls (China), Injera, a sourdough flatbread (Ethiopia), and plantain chips (Costa Rica). Talk a bit with other people and eat some leftover Halloween candy that my teacher still had.

1: 45 PM: Class ends, I walk back to the library to read more Othello. Instead, I’m still writing this blog post trying to remember everything.

2:38 PM: I end up writing another blog post that’s scheduled before this one, all the while getting distracted with stock photos, music ,and youtube in general.
              Surprise! You found out my secret. I usually end up scheduling everything in advance. I try to be random as possible so you don’t notice it.

3:25 PM: Procrastinate on my reading for a bit more.

3:50 PM: Pack up and go to the Canticle meeting.

3:52 PM: Make it to the room and found myself guarding the pizza because we forgot the cups for the meeting again. Thankfully a few more people come so I’m not lonely. We end up talking and eating some of the food.

4: 05 ish? PM: The main Canticle workshop guy comes back with the cups and hands out the writing prompts. We end up writing a bit but end up talking more about the election, work, and eating a bit more etc. More people eventually come and then we started complaining about classes. This meeting has basically much turned into a therapy Canticle meeting.

6:00 PM: We get kicked out of the room because it’s now a tutoring space. I end up taking the rest of the Oreos before walking to the Union to wind down a bit, look at Instagram and facebook, and prepare myself for next Monday (that was the day I got a free tattoo and donate to a great cause).

6:50 PM: Walk towards my next club meeting, this time for Students for Choice. Try to not freak out a bit because it’s dark and I still can’t help but think about what happened on Monday.

6:55 PM: Make it to the building where it’s at, but it felt like I was going in circles because there were construction and confusing hallways with room numbers that don’t go in order. Share my Oreos with everybody else because I couldn’t eat anymore.

7:01 PM: In an impromptu camp style circle in the lobby of the building (because we happened to be locked out of our usual room) we have an hour long discussion about what happened on Monday, rape culture, consent, how the school is failing in some ways, what it’s doing right, etc.

8:00 PM: Meeting ends, some of us stay back to make posters for the protest that’s happening in response to the rape, how the school is responding, rape culture, etc. for tomorrow (Friday the 4th).

8:55 ish PM: We finish making posters, so an acquaintance and I walk to our cars together, getting lost in the building’s confusing hallway, somehow making it outside, end up taking a shortcut and cut through the construction site (that’s already finished, yet the fences are still up), all the while talking about school and such. Eventually, make our separate ways.

9:05 ish PM: Make it to the parking lot that I’m in and notice a blue flashing lot that is most likely a new camera (or two) and security(?) in a corner of the lot. Also, make it to my car safe and sound, and then quickly drive off.

9: 43 ish PM: Made it home, procrastinated on writing this piece, watch youtube videos, and rested.

11:23 ish PM: Finish writing this blog post and procrastinate a bit with KPOP and reading up on tattoo aftercare.

12: 15 AM: Finally finish and then get ready for bed. Good night!

Well, that’s what I end up doing every other Thursday. The other Thursdays when I don’t have club meetings to go to, I just end up studying for whoever knows how long, maybe end up at another school event, and/or try to get more writing in. Tuesdays are slightly different, I don’t grab brunch after accounting and I usually study some more after Parenting and cultures before going home or to work. Also, my Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays are on a completely different schedule that I might write about one day.

And now the weather:
Talk Less, Sign More - A Ham4Ham by the New York Deaf Theatre and Hamilton cast members
~ Stacy N.


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