An excerpt from my book (the one I’m writing right now)

I'm running in the silver tree forest, away, from it. I keep on running, and running not caring where I went, just as long as I get away from it. But every stride, every step I take I run deeper into the forest. To the point of where the trees clump together so tightly that, I can't see ahead of me anymore. I stop, scared, and nervous, deciding whether or not climb it, though that might cause the end of my life. But anything is better just to get away from it. So I take one step forward, then another, and another, till I'm in front of the wall of silver trees. But just as I was about to climb it, a silvery, pale fog starts surrounding everything in its path, to the point where I can't even see my hands in front of me anymore. By now, I decided just climb it anyway, even though I can't see where I'm going. But before I can put on foot forward, a pale almost inhumanly being steps forward, glaring at me. Holding a human heart in its hand, instead of a weapon of some kind, reciting some type of poem, over, and over again.
"A girl you see…" another one comes up, also holding a human heart in its hand. "That's 16 years of tree." "With semiprecious eyes…" the first one says. "She can change things like ice," says the second one. "Unexpectedly she will glow…" "And her courage will grow." "She will be the one…" "To kill the old evil that has shown." Each time they keep on saying, they twist it up more and more like they're mocking it. Making it hurt me somehow. Then the first one did what I would not have suspected… it took a bite of the heart. And the heart screamed, a cold-blooded scream, sounding just like Kisha. The first thing, smiled a sharp pointed smile, having unusually pointy teeth, almost like the sharp points of a chain saw, and then it threw the heart that screamed, at me.


(PS. Just think of Voldermort's slimy face from Harry Potter as it.) (PPS. Kisha is one of the characters in my book).


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