What the heck?

I was walking down the busy downtown street of Salt Lake City. Enjoying the beautiful view of the mountains, while listening to the traffic of rush hour, and smelling the delicious smells of scones, and other delectable foods. Of all the while of keeping my eye out for someone important. I stop in front of the bookstore, to seek him out, knowing he would most likely be here. But what I saw freaked me out.
    Near the sports store, I saw two familiar guys. My twin brother and my crush. They were talking about stuff, while something dawned on me. Of course, my gay brother, the one who like unicorns, and rainbows, and cute puppies, and should have born to the Greek goddess of rainbows, called Iris. Should have a crush, on my crush. Confusing I know, but what freaked me out a bit, was that my crush also had a crush on my brother. And to make things worse for me, was that they were flirting with each other, in front of everybody here. It's true; people keep giving them weird, possibly disgusted looks as they pass, wondering if they're kidding, or if it's for real.
    Well that's what they get for having a world full of heterosexists. I sigh, thinking I was getting somewhere with him. Now I know to only crush on guys, that don't hang out with my brother. It's just another episode, of a guy that's only a friend, and not something a bit more.


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