Change Story

What happened to that perfect full moon? To that, perfect good night kiss. What happened to your strong, warm arms around me? To a new set of stiff ones, waving hello only when told to. What happened to you though? You stopped being your nice, calm, smarty-pants self, to a cold distant, and still a smarty-pants one. We used to be close, but now we’re so far. You used to know me, but now you treat me as if I’m a stranger. I love you, but I don’t know if I still do.

You changed since that one awful night. Probably thinking that it changed my life forever, making me weaker. You were right though, it did change my life forever, but also wrong as well. Instead of making me weaker, it made me stronger. It made me strong enough now to understand the true you. It also made me stronger by making me realize a lot of things. It also made me strong enough to want you more. To be in your warm, strong arms, and to kiss your peppermint breathe. Without you, I’m slowly growing weaker each and every day. Without you, I’m just not me.  


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