Beth's character sketch

Character Sketch (Fill in the blanks)

Name Beth Perrison (fake last name)             (check out books for naming babies-they have cool names and their meanings)
Full Name  Beth Angelina Dovens      
Gender female       
Height 5 feet 5 inches    
Age 16 years old   
Hair color Brown               
Eye color turquoise      
Race American, shape shifter/ fairy      
Religion Christianity     
Fashion style   cute but comfy and a bit trendy     
Loves to   dance, sing, read, eat, shop, hang out with friends, watch TV, sleep, babysit, tend to her flower garden, take walks, and spy on people                                                              
Hates to   fight, listen to her parents fight, not go out all a lot, hang out with her brother anymore, do more chores, babysit, and do anything boring on earth anymore                                   
Hopes to   secretly find true love, make her parents stop fighting, have mom go to go to work again, have her brother be himself again, go back home to where she really belongs                                 
Favorite saying or word                                   
Pet peeve when people show up unexpectedly                                                         
(pg 66 from So, You Wanna be a Writer?) 
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