Story of the Day

My friend Kalee, and I got bored one day so we made a story. We took turns saying only three words each per turn, and made into a story. Well hope you enjoy it.

Stacy: I'm sitting on...
Kalee: The stairs to....
The awaiting kingdom. In which I just saved a unicorn from a unicorn-eating dragon. And I got...Gold, millions of pie slices and, unicorn horns. That made rainbow colored, feet, and weapons. That would never have to slay any other creature again. Not unless they were harming anyone else including the magical unicorn, that is the Goddess of all...Magical creatures and Ugly human beings. So I sit on the magical Unicorn, enjoying the last piece of blueberry pie, made from the oven. In the brownie’s wonderful magnificent bakery. That has many cookies for free demigods that are happy.  With many aliens eating the Ugly people of Adventure, time.  That were making funny noises and smells.  So the aliens are dancing on their heads until...The magical unicorn came and killed the dancing aliens. And rode off into the rising moon of the Planet Jupiter.  And said I love peanut butter jelly pie and cookies! “Yum,” said the ugly unicorn from the planet Neptune of the galaxy Bananas. And he hit the moon with all of his ugly body smashed together to form an ugly gigantic bird. Because he hit his stomach on accident and threw up black and white polka dots all over the ceiling. And drew rainbow words that nobody understood so they just erased it. Then slapped him hard on the nose until him started to bleed. And drop onto the floor hard and curl up into a ball. And slowly go to the end of time. And never come back
Finally...the end!


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