Life on the Top Excerpt

I got bored, and I knew I had to post something. So ta-da here's an excerpt from my book Life on the Top. This was before the MC was dating and went to camp and some stuff got kind of complicated to explain. So yeah, hope you enjoy it. 

“H-h-hey Mels,” Trev said. Hmm is he sweating, he probably just played a rough game of football.  “Hey,” I said trying to eat my pizza. Geez the cheese is way too chewy. What do they use to make it; wait let me guess disgusting, organic, cheese, blah. “So um, um, nice w-w-weather out?” he stammered. “Yep very nice weather, almost feels like summer.” “Nice enough for the p-p-p-party n-n-n-next w-w-week?” “Yeah, sure nice enough for the party next week Trev,” I said real slowly “Hmm are you going take anybody to it?” “M-m-m-m-maybe,” he stuttered trying to be nonchalant. “Who,” I say trying not to get my hopes up. “A g-g-g-girl,” geez, he’s sweating bullets.  What the heck is up in his mind? “Which girl is it?” I asked. But before he could answer me, the bell rung saying that lunch is over. “We’ll see each other in class, ‘kay,” said Trevor, running away. Now I really do wish I got mind reading.
            The clock in the classroom was ticking by really slowly. Ms. Margate is on the computer, the class is doing their work, and also, Trev keeps on throwing glances at me every 10 min. No really, at exactly 10 min. he glances at me. A bit creepy I know that, but I try to ignore it.
Ding-dong, ding-dong, I know the school’s bell sounds like a doorbell, just blame the principal. After the bell rung, I jumped out of my chair and put my stuff into my bag, and grabbed Melanie in just exactly 5 minutes just to get away from Trev. When I was walking out the door though, I saw Elli in the hallway, holding hands with Dodge. She caught me staring, and started using her deadliest glare that is reserved for only me. Well, two could play at that game so I started using my deadliest glare that I only do when I’m pissed off. While I was busy glaring at Elli, I slipped on a banana peel, and landed on my back. Ha, ha very funny, you may think, but it hurts a bit, and who the heck throws banana peels on the floor? Hmm where the heck is Melanie? Probably outside, drawing on the ground, I guess.
“You o-o-okay?” asked Trevor looking down at me worriedly. “Yeah, I think so. Help me up please,” I said holding my hand up. “S-s-s-sure, and after t-t-t-this could we t-t-t-talk?” “Okay, just help me up please?” I said, not really caring, just wanting to get off of the floor.
After that, he took me to the back of the school cafeteria, where the dumpster is. “So you know the party, is next week, and h-h-how I was bringing a g-g-g-girl.” He said it so fast that I barely understood it. So I just nodded.  “Well I w-w-want………. you to be……. the g-g-girl,” he said after a while. “Wait you want me to go to the party with you?” the words slowly sinking in.  “Y-y-yes, will you and w-w-will… you g-g-go o-o-out with m-m-me as well?” he said in a quiet voice. Right at that moment, he looked so fragile, and usually he’s so sturdy.
Well how could I say no to his curly golden-brown hair that bounce up and down whenever he’s happy, or laughing, or his deep blue eyes that reminds me of the prettiest ocean in California, or how he’s the strongest 6th grader, because of his muscles, or just how he looks like a little kid.  Or even his jubilant atmosphere that attracts stuff to him. I mean that’s the reason why we become friends in the first place. 
“Umm, yes to both,” I said, and I meant it, I hadn’t realized that I liked, really, truly liked him, until now. Huh now I know how Melanie feels when she’s with her boyfriend. “Oh yes!” he said, and he smiled his famous “I got something smile” and so did I. J

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