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 I write because words has a way of instantly making me feel better. I write because I have a strange attraction to words, wanting to learn every nook and cranny. And I write because my imagination can't be enclosed in my head. A writer’s soul is like a butterfly garden. There’s an infinite amount of butterflies flitting about, and the writer is the person with a big net trying to catch all of them. It is in fact impossible, there’s always going to be butterflies in the garden. Aka there’s always going to be words in the writer’s soul no matter how hard you try to catch them all. (THIS IS GOING TO BE COPYRIGHTED DON’T STEAL THIS IDEA). So my writing soul has a way to make me feel better, while I try to catch as many of the butterflies as possible, and train it to make beautiful words. For the world to see. For some reason I feel like being in a poetic mood for no reason. Well here's a cow story for the last day of National Cow Week, sorry if I hadn't said anything about it I kept on forgetting. Well here it is...

Cows are everywhere.
Cows eat grass
Cows make milk 
For people to use and drink
Cows are vital
For life and death
Cows are holy
Cows are awesome
Now I want to be a cow

(Sorry if it's a bit sucky, I just made the whole thing up. That's what you get for not having enough time to write something for National Cow Week, and for being too lazy to edit it.) 


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