Sorry if my blog offended some of you guys. I really would want to be a vegetarian, but it's kind of hard for me, since my family doesn't get enough veggies and eggs, and fruit for me to actually survive. Well maybe rice, I have a ton of those at home, but I'm not in the mood to eat it plain, 24/7. My last post was not really anti-vegetarians, it was just pointing out why I can't become a vegetarian at the moment. Since there's barely enough of non meatless stuff at home and if I become a vegetarian, I might as well become anorexic, which sucks. Oh how I wish, I found a job by now, so I could just by vegetarian friendly stuff. Also I would never post anti-vegetarian stuff here, because it would offend my friends in real life, really badly. And my viewers that read this.

So sorry again, if my last post offended you. I really do like vegetarians, they're cool. Plus I'm not hinting that I'm the vegetarian hater, I just know a person. If you want to know who he/she is just look at the second quote in random quotes. The name is right there. Also I think I'm slightly close to becoming vegetarian, because I know some terrible stuff that McDonalds do to their chickens. So I'm going to make a deal here, I'm never, ever, going to eat at KFC or McDonalds, or any fast food place because some of them do terrible stuff to their animals. Sorry again for the last time, and also sorry if I'm rambling a bit.


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