A poem or two from Listen to Me by Writegirl

I was so inspired by this anthology Listen to Me, that I decided that two times a week I'll post a story or a poem in the different categories they have. For example there might be one from their Rants part of the story, or one from the Beyond category. And don't worry, I'm not plagiarizing, I'll give full credit to their work, by citing where I got it. Well hope you enjoy it.

The voice inside
 (pg. 31 from the book Listen to Me)
Marylou Raygoza, age 16
I was feeling this exact way when I wrote this poem.

More Than
Inside we yearn
Outside we grin and bear it
Inside we mourn
Outside we mustn’t share it
Inside we lost hope
Outside newfound forgiveness
Inside confusion
Outside we mustn’t love it
Inside we feel
Outside we deal

(pg. 37 from the book Listen to Me)
Tajsheena Curtis, age 16
At the Creative Nonfiction Workshop there were settings with designated titles and themes, i.e. the dining hall, the deserted isle, the mountain, the village, the river. Each theme also had some corresponding questions. When I sat down at the dinner table, one of the questions was, “What do you crave?” When I started writing it was like a confession and a wish to myself.

I crave to unleash
To live a life
To live every moment freely
Free from any and all inhibitions
I crave to no longer be afraid of other people
What they say, what they might say
What they think, what they might think
How they react, how they might react
I crave to let go and not care
To pave the way, to make a road
For my creativity
My freedom
My perfection
My happiness. 

P.S sorry if I'm being a bit redundant by repeating the title over and over again, it's just that I'm afraid that I might get fined, or even worse sued, by not citing my sources.

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  1. great job citing. you should be fine as long as you do! :) <3, Shelby