Dear whomever reads this,
I got a confession to make. If you want to know, please continue read this, and mentally tell me to stop procrastinating and just write down my confession. *Sighs* no time like the present, well my confession is that...
I'm a twin. Yes a bit shocking to you if you don't know me in real life. And no I am not lying to you, it is very true. Well some stuff you might want to know. We're fraternal, looking nothing alike, well we used to before we started changing our haircuts. We're kind of opposite, she is the short one, I am the tall one. She needs to be in special resource, while I'm in the honors system. She has short hair that goes to her shoulders, while I have a pixie cut. And well I suppose that's it. Plus for you curious ones, I'm the one that was born first by five minutes. Well that's all, other then that our names also rhymes, Stacy, Tracy.
 Well see ya,
Stacy N. 
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  1. that is super cool. i kind of always wanted to be a twin (fraternal) but since im not i want to have fraternal twin girls. yeah i know i cant plan that but whatever! thats really cool though, is it fun?

  2. Yeah I guess it's fun, minus the fact that we sometimes fight for no reason.